What a ride!!!

Thank you all for the encouragement you have given us during this process.  The support of this town has been amazing.   I have been in this industry for a long time, I have been a part of several restaurant openings but I have never stood at the helm of one.  This is an undertaking beyond anything that I could have expected.  And it has been awesome.  Stressful beyond belief, but awesome.  The opportunity to craft an experience entirely from imagination and watch it take shape into something tangible, something real is, to put it simply, incredible.  So many people have taken part in this process – from my incredible staff at Washbangers that have allowed me the free time to invest in things like extensive bacon tastings to my family that has put up with a more moody version of me that is the result of this hectic and crazy process.

Things to scratch off of my bucket list –

Drag my wife and 6 kids (at the time) 2,700 miles around the South driving from breakfast restaurant to breakfast restaurant looking for ideas. – check (seriously, this could have gone so bad.  I mean, that many kids in a van for that long, but they were troopers!)

Test the best bacons on the planet (including Benton’s) and try them against my own home cured and cold smoked bacon (yes that is an old fridge converted into a cold smoker) – check

fridge smoker.JPG


fridge smoker

might as well make it with a little style, right?

Mail order as many stone ground grits as I can find to ensure I’ve got only the best (p.s. Carolina Plantation was the hands down winner) – check

Work with an incredible design teams both at Drifting Creatives and PACT to help take rough ideas and polish them into a super cool design – check

Subject my family to more batches of biscuits than should be allowed by state law.  We have all eaten A LOT of biscuits.

Biscuit Sliders.JPG


And now, sitting next to HWY 6 is a crude foundation that barely hints at what is to come.  But I know what’s coming and, based on the enthusiasm of everyone that we’ve spoken to, the fun is just beginning.

pouring foundation.JPG


Thanks College Station.  We will work our butts off to live up to the expectations that you have set.

foundation poured.JPG

We will see you May 31st.  Cheers!

Michael Lair